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December 2019

9 Alarming Things You Must Know About Buying Sustainable Fashion in 2019 (#1 Will Blow Your Mind)

Sustainable fashion is an inherent contradiction, because you can’t slow down the effects of climate change by buying more stuff. We need to lower our carbon footprint dramatically, and we can not do that if we keep buying and producing at current rates, even if we produce in more ‘eco friendly’ ways. We need buy less and choose better, meaning that we need to make informed choices, not impulsive trendy ones. As fast fashion brands like H&M and Zara [...]

July 2019

Why is Pima Cotton the best possible cotton we could work with?

Pima Cotton is grown on the northern coast of Peru by hand. This hand picking process that allows to differentiate the qualities of cotton, while also minimizing the impact of its harvest, as no machines are needed. This cotton is an extra-long staple cotton, as it measures between 38.10 to 41.27 mm, while other fibers only reach between 20 and 32 mm. As such, pima cotton is considered the finest one in the world. Similarly, this cotton is optimal for [...]

June 2019

Peruvian Textile Traditions: Textile Techniques, Natural Dyes, and Pallays

Textile Techniques. Textiles were discovered by ancient Peruvians around seven thousand years ago. Said ancient Peruvians made bags, ropes, mats, and garments from vegetable fibres. Consequently, when cotton was domesticated, fish nets were developed.  On the other hand, about three thousand five hundred years ago the loom appeared, which served to make more sophisticated woven garments. The appearance of the loom also boosted the development of more textile techniques, in which the Andean creative genius clearly stood out. As such, the [...]